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Times Square is one of the most iconic public spaces in the world, offering a wide array of cultural, entertainment, retail, and culinary options for New Yorkers and visitors. Having gone through several transformations over the past decades, the Times Square Alliance asked GZ&A to advise on creating refreshed branding and multi-channel messaging to usher in the next chapter of this New York City landmark.

With construction of the pedestrian plazas complete and new food kiosks open, the Times Square Alliance wanted to expand the appeal of New York’s famous “crossroads of the world,” in particular to New Yorkers, businesses, and office workers already in the District, as well as prospective corporate and retail tenants.

Strategy and Implementation

GZ&A conducted an analysis of Times Square’s existing brand and researched audience insights to identify target audiences and their preferred channels of communication. The agency, which presented to the Alliance leadership team and Board members, developed renewed and refreshed messaging to aid in the creation of new marketing materials. Through updated branding, messaging, and talking points, GZ&A helped enhance Times Square’s narrative and marketing assets. GZ&A also provided multi-channel strategic advice for social media and public relations to help share and reinforce the new messaging and identity.


GZ&A’s rebranding efforts were showcased at the Times Square Alliance’s Annual Public Meeting and through the organization’s widely targeted marketing and communications. GZ&A’s strategic advice helped the Times Square Alliance improve its social media practices and enhance its public relations and event publicity planning to efficiently reach target audiences and effectively tell the story of the new and vibrant Times Square.


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