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RIKERS, a riveting documentary from Bill Moyers, features the stories of men and women who have endured incarceration at Rikers Island. Told directly to the camera, the film vividly describes the cruel arc of the Rikers experience—the shock of entry, the extortion and control exercised by other inmates, the oppressive interaction with corrections officers, the beatings and stabbings, the torture of solitary confinement and the psychological barriers of returning to the outside world.

GZ&A handled the creation, launch and maintenance of a RIKERS social media campaign, as well as strategic partner outreach and the creation of a digital toolkit.

We raised awareness about RIKERS to elevate the documentary’s call to action for criminal justice reform, specifically regarding the Rikers facility, while also leveraging the networks of strategic partners to expand the community built around the film.

Strategy and Implementation

GZ&A developed and launched a social media presence for RIKERS a month before the film’s broadcast premiere, establishing a consistent digital identity. Through aggressive paid and organic efforts, we built an engaged community interested in criminal justice reform on the RIKERS Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Our work involved live-tweeting at several screenings, panel discussions and during the film’s broadcast premiere, which built support and drove engagement through real-time interactions online. We leveraged the power of influencers – including former detainees featured in RIKERS, celebrities and high-profile organizations – to grow the RIKERS following and spark meaningful and engaging conversations on social media.

GZ&A conducted research to identify and prioritize target partner organizations and influencers. We created a digital toolkit – featuring background information, important links and sample social media posts – and distributed it to nearly 100 strategically chosen partners. This outreach expanded the RIKERS network and built support in diverse sectors focused on related issues.


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