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Formed in response to the humanitarian crisis in Syria, the Books Not Bombs campaign is a student-led, grassroots effort that works to push universities to join the International Institute of Education’s Syria Consortium and offer scholarships to Syrian students in crisis. Books Not Bombs aims to help the next generation of Syrian lawyers, architects, doctors and teachers by giving Syrian students the opportunity to continue their education without the threat of war.

The campaign is active on more than 40 campuses across the country and students have held silent demonstrations, petition signature drives and public events to raise awareness about Books Not Bombs.

Strategy and Implementation

The agency identified target media to cover the nationwide effort of Books Not Bombs and created supporting media outreach materials. GZ&A also researched local media and university publications around active Books Not Bombs campuses to raise awareness of the movement, events and opportunities to get involved. GZ&A crafted press releases specifically tailored to each university holding silent demonstrations or awareness events and connected with local media to secure coverage.


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