Understanding Terrorism Through Data from the Global Terrorism Index

Published by the Institute for Economics & Peace, the 2017 Global Terrorism Index reveals some troubling data concerning the fight against terrorism. While global terrorism has fallen for the second consecutive year, the United States saw a 60% increase in terrorism-related deaths in 2016.

The annual Index, which provides the most comprehensive resource on global terrorist trends, also points to a shift in terrorism methods—with an increase in low-tech, low-budget attacks using vehicles and other easily accessible materials.

GZ&A conducted public relations for the launch of the 2017 Global Terrorism Index, securing coverage in national publications, including Newsweek, Politico, and ABC Radio Network.

“Based on an escalating number of deaths and attacks, the U.S. received its worst score in a decade,” said Michelle Breslauer, Director, Americas Program for the Institute for Economics & Peace. “Among developed nations, the U.S. has the highest rate of lone-actor attacks, most carried out by citizens, and motivated by a range of extremist ideologies, from political to religious. These findings suggest that the U.S. is facing an ongoing threat from less sophisticated, home-grown attacks.”

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