Muslim Women Activists, Books Not Bombs

Books Not Bombs is a student-led campaign, organized and run primarily by young Muslim women students, active at more than 200 campuses across the U.S. With the support of more than 18,000 students who have held protests and silent demonstrations, Books Not Bombs calls on universities to provide scholarships for Syrian students affected by conflict. In the wake of President Trump’s executive order travel ban and future uncertainties, the campaign asks higher education leadership to speak out and defend their refugee, immigrant, and international students. The work of these dedicated young Muslim women has led to action that is directly helping refugees, immigrants, and international students.

GZ&A placed a story in the Huffington Post featuring the important and inspiring work of these activists.

“They’re all brilliant young women growing up in a time where their own human rights are under attack,” said Shiyam Galyon, campaign coordinator for Books Not Bombs. “People shouldn’t be surprised to see that a campaign like this is being led by Muslim women and they should expect a lot more of it.”

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