Nelson Mandela: The Artist, Long-Sharp Gallery

Nelson Mandela, recognized as one of the greatest peacemakers and statesmen in history, was also an artist, creating a series of pieces inspired by his time incarcerated on Robben Island. A rare collection of 32 pieces of his artwork was on display this fall New York City at the Long-Sharp Gallery. The exhibition featured drawings and signed lithographs offering a reminder of peace and freedom during a time of national divisiveness. Mandela’s artwork served as a stimulus for dialogue about contemporary issues of gender, identity, inequity, racial injustice, religion and violence, with several organizations visiting the show as part of a larger conversation.

“In light of recent events in our country, it is my hope that we can learn from Nelson Mandela’s example,” says Rhonda, the owner of the gallery. “His artwork and the essays he wrote to accompany it are available to be seen and absorbed. I hope his work will serve as a step toward peaceful dialogue. Local and government groups who wish to reserve the gallery space for meetings to discuss this topic are welcome to contact us.”

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