Math Metropolis, MoMath

More than 400 people braved the July heat to attend Math Metropolis, a hands-on interactive exhibit from MoMath at Liberty Plaza in lower Manhattan. As a compact version of the popular Math Midway to Go, Math Metropolis let visitors slice shapes with lasers at the Ring of Fire, find the fastest curve on the Roller Graphicoaster, play math tunes with the Organ Function Grinder and navigate through the Logic Maze.

The four-hour event attracted people from all walks of life. During lunch time, suit-clad Wall Streeters had sweat on their brows as they traversed the twists and turns of the intricate maze; laughter could be heard throughout the day from toddlers as they played with multi-colored magnetic puzzles and shapes; and teachers lined up to submit their names in hopes of becoming the next one to have Math Metropolis visit their school.

“Our goal is to create a free public festival where people of all ages can discover the fun and power of math,” said Cindy Lawrence, Executive Director of MoMath. “We want everyone to see that math is all around us and can be applied in all areas of life in new and exciting ways.”

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